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How to watch cartoons online?

Watching cartoon is one of the best for entertainment. Cartoon industry is growing really big these days. It had started from the hand drawings to the awesome animated movies. Many interesting characters have been developed to entertain the people. Mostly for the kids, it is the best show however teen agers are also loving it.

There are various ways you can watch cartoons online for free. You can either watch it on your television, download from the net or watch it online.

Followings are the best way to watch the cartoons online:-

  1. Use the video sharing sites YouTube for watching cartoons

You will find different video sharing sites in the internet. Among those sites, YouTube is very popular for watching videos. There you will find the big number of videos for music, films, TV shows and many more. You can also watch cartoon in this site and you will not need to pay any amount for it. Follow the steps listed down to use YouTube for watching cartoons:-

  1. Go to the official site of YouTube. You can access it from www.youtube.com.
  2. At the top side of the page, you will find the search engine tool. Type the name of your favorite cartoon over there. For example if you like to watch Tom and Jerry cartoon then type “Tom and Jerry” on it. Then hit enter.
  3. You will see the list of the videos related to your search. Click on favorite video from the list and enjoy the video.
  1. Use the different cartoon web sites to watch cartoons

There are many websites available where you can watch cartoons. Some of the web site offers their service without requiring you to pay any charge whereas for some you will need to pay some amount. Followings are some of the best web sites including the steps to watch cartoons on it:-


  • Super Cartoons

In this site, you will find the big collection of cartoon videos. However, the anime are not available in this sire. Follow the steps here to watch cartoons:-

  • Go to http://www.supercartoons.net/ on your web browser.
  • In the homepage, you are provided with the list of various videos. Click on your favorite to watch.
  • As you click on the video, it is displayed in the small TV box.

The site also offers you to search the cartoons by series, studios as well as characters.

  • Cartoon Movies HQ

This is another best site to for watching cartoons online. You can watch it for free with following steps:-

  • Open the link http://www.cartoonmovieshq.com/ in the browser.
  • In the homepage, click on your favorite show from the list of the latest anime. The list of the different genres are also provided in the homepage. Select your favorite one from the list.
  • Nick Toons

Nick Toons is one of the most popular cartoon website today with more than 50 million fans accessing the site monthly. To watch the cartoon on this free site navigate to the web link – http://nicktoons.nick.com/ and click on your favorite cartoon.

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